When you’re on your period, you definitely think about some things you often wouldn’t at any other time. You’re thinking about period care products, your vagina, how your body feels, and how your body smells—it’s all a bit different from the norm, right? There’s no stopping these thoughts from trickling in and collecting in your mind like a reusable period cup collects your flow. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself relating everything to period care and even thinking about the following seemingly odd thoughts.

Vaginal Dryness

How could your vagina possibly be dry during your period? It’s not so much that your vagina is dry, but it could feel that way if you pull out a nearly empty tampon toward the end of your period. Thankfully, a high-quality menstrual cup made with medical-grade silicone won’t feel dry like a tampon. Clear up some brain space, say goodbye to thoughts of vaginal dryness, and get a reusable period cup.

Vaginal Wetness

Sometimes, you’ll go about your day normally, only to stop whatever you’re doing and think, “I am unusually wet down there. Did I leak?” There are likely only a few situations outside of your period when you might wonder about wet underwear. A pair of leakproof panties ensures you can turn your thoughts to more interesting things like fun plans, a great movie, or sex. Look for a pair that features a thin, comfortable, and absorbent gusset to leave leak concerns in the past.

Sex on Your Period

Speaking of sex, even before ever having sex, you might wonder if you can have sex on your period or if there’s a period care product you can wear during sex. Period sex actually isn’t a weird thing to think about. Even people without periods wonder about it. The answer to both is “yes.” You can totally have sex on your period, and if you want to wear a period care product—which isn’t necessary but certainly less messy—you can wear a clean menstrual disc.

Better Period Care

Okay, menstrual cups, discs, and period underwear are all discussed here. Trust that you’ll think about them when you want better period care options. High-quality period cups, discs, and leakproof panties are better for you and the environment. They’re comfortable, reusable, and pretty much leak-free. Just picture it: no more rushed trips to the bathroom to check for leaks; no more sending your husband or dad to the store for tampons.

Bodily Odors

Yup, you’re going to be thinking about smell. A lot. Not only do your hormones make you smell differently (maybe a little stronger), but you may also ask yourself, “what’s the deal with the smell in my underwear?” Hopefully, it’s just that metallic smell of period blood, and no—nobody else can smell it. If you’re concerned about vaginal odor during your period or any other part of your cycle, a trip to your gynecologist may be helpful to rule out something like bacterial vaginosis.

If you think about some seemingly odd stuff when you’re on your period, rest assured—it’s not that weird. You’re human. Just make sure you’ve got some great period care products to keep your bases covered so you can free up your mind for other odd non-period-related thoughts.

About Saalt

Everyone with a period can tell a story about something that happened during the first few days of a certain cycle. With Saalt, that story can send an empowering message. The modern period care brand offers high-performance reusable period cups, discs, and leakproof underwear for a leak-free period with every cycle. Saalt is committed to helping you feel confident with your period care products so that you can dance, run, jump, laugh, sneeze, and even have sex without letting your period impact the outcome. So, go ahead and tell your story—even if it’s how you mastered a leakproof seal for your Saalt Cup or danced by yourself in your period panties. You might inspire someone else with a period to try Saalt and make every memory of their periods comfortable, dry, and leak-free.

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